Office presentation

Presentation of the agency

C&E is an engineering and architecture firm with a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers based in Paris and Shanghai. The firm currently has some twenty employees and about ten partners who are asked to discuss design developments. We handle around fifty projects every year in such fields as housing and facilities, bridges and footbridges, earthquake-reinforcements structural design, Ultra High-Performance Fibre-Reinforced concrete design, temporary installations and finally sustainability including re-use of materials.

Our convictions and commitment to Engineering and Architecture design process have led us to be open to all type of materials, construction processes and programs and this has enabled us to continually renew and expand our skills and design capabilities.

Jean-Marc Weill
Architect Engineer

Activities and trades


Feasibility study

Study that seeks to check the technical and economic feasibility of the structure and roofing, doors and windows for a project.


Study that seeks to assess the vulnerability of the structure of an existing construction when subject to static or dynamic loads.

Project management assignment

Designing an engineering and architecture project. This assignment can also include site monitoring.

Construction survey

This involves compiling the documents required for the contractor to perform the work

Projects geographical localisation

We currently work in mainland France but also on foreign construction projects. We operate or have operated in America (North American, Canada, Martinique and Haiti), Europe (Switzerland and the U.K.) Africa (Algeria, Gabon, Qatar, Morocco and Tunisia) Asia (South Korea and China) and in Mayotte (Southern hemisphere)

Professional Qualifications

Professional qualifications have been obtained from the construction industry qualification body OPQIBI (Organisme Professionnel de Qualification de l’Ingénierie Bâtiment Industrie). OPQIBI qualification certificates are officially recognised in the French Public Works Code as proof of the candidates’ abilities (article 45)..

OPQIBI qualification No.: 00121448


Structural design, regular concrete structures


Structural design, complex concrete structures


Structural design, regular metal structures


Structural design, complex metal structures


Structural design, regular wooden structures


Structural design, complex wooden structures


Design, works restoration


Design, regular roofing, doors and windows for building trades


Design, complex roofing, doors and windows for building trades


Design, curtain walls and incorporated glazing elements


Civil engineering and regular structural work


Since 2003

Arthur ALLARD, Engineer • Joanna BARREIRO, Architect • Ammon BAYERLE, Architect • Mathilde BELLEC, Architect • Christophe BERTHAUT, Architect • Olivier BETTING, Engineer • Élise BON, Architectural Engineer • Johanna CARRIÈRE, Assistant • Matthias CARRIÈRE, Architectural Engineer • Christophe CHICHE, Engineer • Michelle CLAUDÉ, Draughtsman • Jean-Louis CLÉMENT, Engineer • Dominique CORVEZ, Architectural Engineer • Louise DE BONET D’OLÉON, Architectural Engineer • Lamia DZANOUNI, Assistant • Raphaël FABBRI, Architectural Engineer • Tiffany GAHIÉ, Assistant • Brieuc GRAILLOT-DENAIX, Architect • Joachim GUILLAUME, Architect • Yulia IMAMUTDINOVA, Architect • Léa INGOLD-PRADEL, Architect • Rafael JASNIAK, Architectural Engineer • Matthieu JÉGU, Assistant • Mathilde LACAZE, Architect • Elsa LAROCHE, Architect • Claire LEROY, Architectural Engineer • Simon LODS, Architectural Engineer • Jonathan MARTINS, Assistant • Marie MAZEAU, Architectural Engineer • Elsa-Sarah MEININGER, Assistant • Momchil MIHAYLOV, Architect • Samuel NAGEOTTE, Architectural Engineer • Nastassia NASSER, Architect • Nastassia NASSER, Architect • Alba NZAME EYOGO, Architect • Jérémy POUCIN, Architect Engineer • Marie PRUD’HOMME, Engineer trainee • Hélène RAVANT, Assistant • Guillaume RANCHIN, Architectural Engineer • Gisèle ROBERT, Assistant • Albin ROUSSEAU, Architectural Engineer • Xavier SANCHEZ-INCERA, Engineer • Claire SCHRAEN, Architectural Engineer • François SEIGNOL, Architect • Yuning SONG, Architect • Marie STÉPHAN, Architectural Engineer • Marino TOSI, Engineer • Karell VERTET, Architectural Engineer


Consultants to improve design development

Henry BARDSLEY, Consultant engineer (FR)  •  Cédric BODEREAU, Senior technician Plans B  •  Alain BORNAREL, Engineer from Tribu Concevoir-Durable  (FR)    Victor DAVIDOVICI, Engineer from Dynamique Concept (FR)    Vassil DRAGANOV, Engineer from Silman (EU)    Jérôme PETITGUYOT, Engineer from AMO Bois, Athlance  (FR)    Georg PIRCHER, Engineer from Sofistik (DE)    Sébastien ROMIEUX, Engineer from Sol Conseil  •  Guilain ROVARINO, Engineer SC Structures  •  Robert Jan VAN SANTEN, Architect with VS-A (FR, CN)    Wolfgang WINTER, Wood Consultant Engineer for internal thermal insulation (AT)